Kiddo Sir Priddo Character

Created a character design for a Youtube channel for toddlers and little children.

Clients Brief:
I'm looking for a character that has the name "Kiddo Sir Priddo". Kiddo loves unpacking presents very much. Since it's so much fun to unpack, he calls it 'funpacking'. I'm looking for a simple childish character, I'm thinking of a kind of Fido Dido, but maybe his body is a present, or his bow tie is a kind of ribbon, but any creative input is welcome. Important is that Kiddo ('s face) can show emotions like: happiness; amazement; joy; surprise. I'll use the illustration of Kiddo on all videos and therefore it should be possible to animate him on top of the video, showing his amazement, his surprise and his happiness. We'll use a voice-over to make him say things like: wow; surprise; Ooohh; Yeahh; Yippie; Awsome; I like it!; and much more.
For more ideas and information, I started the channel already, very basically:…by20lTD3LA

Other notes:
Right now I'm looking for the basic character that has the emotions as described as stills. After selecting the winner I'm looking for a longer one-on-one relation to make the animations, as well as creating a channel trailer and advertisements. Therefore, knowledge of making the animations is required. I work with Adobe Creative Suite, like Premiere and After Effects